Throughout our years of being in business, we have come across some recurring questions about various products. Read on to find the answers to the most common questions.

What does Apple MFI certified stand for? And how does it affect me?

MFI stands for “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”. All products that pay to license Apple’s proprietary technology use this logo on their packaging to show that particular product uses the same software and/or technology as an original Apple accessory. Essentially this means that you will never get the error message on your Apple device that says “This accessory is not compatible” while charging.

Are all aftermarket cables not good quality?

This all depends on who you are purchasing the cables from and how they decide to source their inventory. We believe that just because a cable is not certified by a parent brand does not mean that it is poor quality. With anything tech related manufactured overseas, there is A, B, and C stock with regards to quality.

The outer layer of the product looks the same, but below that layer there is different quality copper shielding, chips, connections, and wires. We personally only carry A stock quality cables because they have satisfied our customers.

What does 2.0A mean?

2.0A refers to the output charging speed that either the wall or car charging adapter puts out to the device that is plugged into that adapter. Anything 2.0A or over will deliver a fast charge. There is no need to worry about any negative effects to your device while charging. It is completely safe, and most recent devices actually require a fast charging speed to charge efficiently.

Will a cable that is a longer length affect the charging speed of my device?

Cables longer than six feet tend to charge slower unless they are using a fast charging adapter. The speed varies, depending on the charging adapter that you use to power your smartphone and other devices.

Because of this, we recommend using a 2.0A fast-charging adapter, when using a cable that is longer than six feet.


These are just some common questions we receive. If you still have unanswered questions please feel free to email us and we will be happy to offer you all the support we can as quickly as possible.